We stand-by all of our products. PERIOD!

Our LIFETIME WARRANTY covers the items for the life of the Product for workmanship or defective materials.

It does not apply to normal wear and tear, wrong or unreasonable use or accidental damage.

We will either repair or replace the item at our discretion. The contents of a bag/pack and normal wear and tear or abuse of the item are excluded.

When we look at a Warranty claim, we will send you a form to fill out on request.

Firstly you need to fill in your Product purchase HERE – (This avoids fraudsters claiming free products from us!)

The claim form is found in our Contact Us page and below and simply put your details in with the Title “Warranty”.

We will then assess the claim and contact you as to the next steps, which may involve sending an image or returning the item to us for repair/assessment.

We can return all items to you if they have sentimental value even if we decide to replace!When assessing a claim we will take in to account the amount of times the item has been used.

Gear that’s used for over 100 days a year will wear more than something that’s used for a few days a year. We will take this in to account if we deem this to be normal wear and tear or if its a manufacturing or material default.

All items, will eventually wear and our warranty does not include normal wear and tear, accident or improper use or abuse, nor gradual fading of colours.

Items sent to us for repair or replacement must be clean.

Once you fill out a Contact Form with “Warranty” in the content, we will contact you to request all the details that we need from you to process the claim.

Only on request, will we ask for you to send the item in and the postage will be paid for by us.


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