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Undercover Money Belt

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  • Premium Quality – ripstop nylon, zips and clips
  • Maximum Security – Best color under light clothes
  • Lightweight – ultra thin and lightweight materials
  • Comfortable – CloudFeel™back for long journeys
  • Versatile – 2 zip compartments with 4 tailored pockets
  • Fully Adjustable – elastic waist band from 20-56 inches

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For several reasons, amongst which is how we meticulously went through several rounds of design, within a long stretch of many months, just to ensure that we get it right from the get-go. We didn’t stop there. With our firm understanding that superior quality should go in tandem with exquisite design, we scoured the globe in search of the toughest but light, water resistant and most appealing design components we could lay our hands on. We then had dutiful artisans hand make each undercover bag, followed by an extensive quality check, and pedantic packaging.


In our encompassing split-testing phase of several mock designs, grey color had the best results under light clothing. In order to make the money belt sleek and stylish, we reduced the thickness of our document holder to just a fraction of that of competing hidden belts. As such it fits snugly with all body types. The matching color variation ensures that no individual part draws off attention when it is worn.


And why not? We uniquely developed a soft backing that does not make you itch. Additionally, it also wicks sweat effortlessly from your body. Our generous range of sizes provides a healthy dose of choice to fit your preferences—sizes range from 20 to 50 inches. Regardless of the size, our emphasis on comfort and use of lightweight materials does ensure that our money belt is so light that You’ll Easily Forget You’re Wearing One. Keep it in top condition by hand washing it whenever it needs a soak, what’s more, it dries quickly!


Our custom inbuilt anti-theft organizer is an industry game-changer with two zip up partitions that essentially keep all your effects safe. The larger of both sections is situated at the back and further demarcated with a mesh. The mesh is earmarked to contain credit cards and similar accessories. In front of the mesh is ample space to hold your cash, mobile phone, and travel documents. The smaller section at the front is suitable to safely keep your jewelry, keys and other valuable items.


Great products offer the best deals! With every purchase, you not only get access to our five-star customer care service, you get a FREE money clip and an industry-first LIFETIME WARRANTY.

It’s an agonizing reality that when on a trip, tourists are moving targets for dexterous pick pockets and thieves with their eyes on passports and money

  • Losing your money, passports, credit cards, and other valuables overseas is not a fun experience
  • US travelers are the preferred targets of pick pockets, purse snatchers and thieves
  • Good luck trying to recover lost or stolen essential travel items overseas. Apart from taking much of your time, stressing you out, and being an aching hassle, you may be unsuccessful in your attempt.
  • Being a tad bit more careful can save your trip from becoming a disaster

Our Product is the Swiss Army Knife Solution you have been searching for

Discreet, sleek, lightweight, durable, comfortable, versatile: these are a few of the numerous qualities that describe our custom-designed product developed by Ody Travel Gear. It’s game over for shouting colors and khaki under light colored clothes! Grey rocks, and numerous happy feedback confirms this! Every intrinsic part of our money belt is fastidiously designed, from the zips, to clips to strap; making our money belt the #1 choice for our customers.


Light Grey, Dark Brown


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