The Shocking Horror of $99 Flights to Europe!

The Shocking Horror of $99 Flights to Europe!

ARGHhhhhhh flights to europe!

While I write this I am laying down with a cold cloth on my head after the initial trauma of this unbelievable price of a flight to Europe.

For many Americans Europe is a dream destination that never seems achievable due to schedules or affordable as its a long flight.

If that wasn’t bad enough  –  to know that there are flights to Europe for $99 yes I said that right NINETY NINE DOLLARS! (I will take a deep breath as I may faint again) even more distressing is that I missed out on them.

That’s right they are totally gone!

The pain, the torture, the horror!

Well it seems the company that was running the amazing flights to europe offer is still in business (no way!) and is still selling crazy priced flights to one of the most traveled to places in the world. Did you know the most visited place in the world is not the U.S.A? It’s the country of France. Must be everyone going to the city of love Paris.

So let me tell you the company is Wow Air and the prices still are in some cases sub $200 for flights to europe, but you have fees, taxes and return prices but they still stand up against American Airlines or any of the other big companies offering flights.

So if you’re like me and are still in shock just be ready next time get that bag packed now and make sure you have packed everything you need Ultra Safe Packing List and I’ll try an let you know before the deals are gone next time.

If you have been to Europe before you might have an idea of what you’re going to expect, if not I will be sharing more of the stories and tips for you on the blog very soon.

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