Ody Travel Gear Launches Online – What Does Ody Stand For?

A new travel gear brand has launched online, Ody Travel Gear

Ody, is short for Odyssey, and is the famous story by Homer about the legendary journey of Odysseus the ancient Greek hero. Inspired by the adventures and bravery of the Greek hero, Ody Travel Gear represents strength, ingenuity and adventure.


Focusing only on premium and useful travel items, Ody Travel Gear, based in the UK will be launching many more affordable quality travel items throughout the year.

Products are available through their website which offers free shipping to the UK and fast, reliable delivery to Europe.

Chief Executive of Ody Travel Gear, Guy Fisher adds, “We are excited to bring our knowledge of creating and marketing useful travel items to create a portfolio of really great travel gear and will be adding more valuable products very quickly. We look forward to expanding in to the retail market in addition to the wholesale market we have been supplying for some time.”

Products have been designed and tested to the max by Ody Travel’s expert team of product testers. They gathered competitors’ products, analysed these and made theirs even better.

Ody Travel Gear Travel Money Blet Pro

Ody Travel Gear launches online with their market leading Travel Money Belt Pro for just £12.99. This high quality money belt offers travelers and individuals who want a safe place to carry their money and personal items, the very best quality bag, non-rip and waterproof and each coming with its own small metal money clip.

With its comfortable material, secure clip and non-fray elastic waist band, travelers can travel with their items discreetly hidden and safely carried in these travel money bag.

Otherwise known as a fanny pack or bumbag, Ody Travel Gear’s Travel Money Belt launches online.


Ody Travel Gear™ provides quality travel items to help people on their adventures. All products come with lifetime warranties.
The company is founded on an ethos of premium quality products backed up with world class customer service.
Products are available to buy directly through their secure website.

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